Feb 8, 2010 – Changed Person

Hi!! I have been thinking what to write for the past few days. This is what has been playing in my mind lately.

Would you take a break for a moment to think of how a changed person you are over the past 2 years? From a boy to become someone’s boyfriend? Stepped into marriage and becoming a responsible spouse? Or even stepping into parenthood and still learning to be a better parent? Getting promoted from entry level to managerial level? You were an angry person but now you are better in controlling it? Managing 5-figure income or more now? Having the ability to give more support and be a greater blessing to others?
All these have to do with enlarged capacity. All have to do with progress in life. Have you progressed on?

Rom 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Take a look at the verse, our lives are not transformed by the situation surrounding but the decision to renew our mind. This is the reason why people complaining that things are unfair to them. Or they shouldn’t be treated this way. Let’s go this way; it may be your first year working after graduated from a university. You complain that your boss shouldn’t do this and do that to you. Your situation has changed, but your mind has not changed. It’s not renewed. In other words, you are not up to the challenges ahead of you.

Remembers, you are to hold responsibility over your own life. Allow no one has the right to take away your passion in doing good and excel in life. May it be your company, while you are still working there, then give your very best. For this is who you are and what you make to be.

Church that does not contribute to the community will be marginalized, so does your life. You will be marginalized if you are just the same as the average person.

Your life will change when your thinking changes!!
So, be changed… to be a better person.


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The Start of 2010

Hi, guys. It has been some time since I last updated my blog. Have been quite busy since the beginning of the year; getting things started and getting things done. With a long to-do list, surely wisdom and discipline are the essential ingredients to make 2010 the best year ever.

Last week, the whole church staff team was away for a retreat in Hanoi. It was a great time spending time together after a whole year long of working. We had meetings and prayer with Pastor Kevin. And, West Zone’s Subzone leaders meeting to look into the details and planning of the year. It was refreshing and setting the hearts to progress on this year. The fun part is Halong Bay when we were all on the boat. We are blessed as the tour guide upgraded our boat from 3-start to 4-star for free; in conjunction with WenDee’s birthday. Awesome !! By the way, we played ‘Taboo’ on the boat; the ladies beat the guys badly. Haha.
Can check out the picture at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5077460&id=653325930#/album.php?aid=190781&id=653325930&page=2

This is my 8th year of working in the church. I started working in the church since mid of 2003 as a part-timer. Life was much simpler then. I was the one who shopped for everything needed for the church; till I got to know the arrangements of every corner of Carrefour SS15. In fact, I’m still the person in charge to do shopping. Well, it is really time to train and trust the new comer to do so. It is much more than just shopping, it is to get the best deal for more quantity of goods.

When you are faithful in the little things, God will add to you more. Do not belittle the small beginning of everything you do. Make solving problem a habit. Powerful? This is what we learnt from Pastor Kevin in his latest sermon – Eureka Moment.

What inspired me to become a full time staff in a church?  I wanted to become a successful businesswoman, but while I was busy with my ‘plans’ God interfered. It was in Bukit Bintang, looking at a lady in a suit which I always imagined myself wearing it, there and then I sensed God speaking to me if I would let go of my dream and pursue His? I was not quite sure if God is speaking to me, then I asked God to give me signs. That night itself, we had prayer meeting and Pastor prophesied, not sure if it still referring to me, but my heart ran fast. There was no popper celebrated with the decision I made. It was just a beginning till I become who I am today.

God’s way is always challenging and exciting and also fulfilling. Dare to step out and you will come to a world where you would never imagine… Never dream that I am preaching to people week in and week out, meeting up with so many people each week. I’ve changed so much throughout the years.

Ended up writing about my past life. There are so many asking about my ‘future plan’. My standard answer is ‘not so soon’. Will write more in the coming updates.

See you guys around.

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2009 – Memorable Year

Dec 31, 2009 – Memorable 2009

This is the last day of 2009. I received the same comment from different people of different ages, “2009 passed so fast.” Some may have outlived this year, some may have regrets… what about you? Whatever the year has brought about, be strong and know that the best is yet to come in 2010.

2009 is a great year… upgraded my status, from ‘miss to mrs’.  This is the best thing taken place in this year. Sam has been a great love and support to me and my life; giving me a world which I never believed that I would have. He is a hardworking, helpful, committed, man with honor, loving, and generous man. In short, he is simply amazing. I truly enjoy his companionship every single moment. Both of us share common interest; such as travelling, cooking at home, sharing the house chores, meeting up with people, talking to each other, etc. Many asked when we plan to have a baby… most probably next year. Most importantly, I need to be equipped and gain more knowledge before stepping into motherhood. Ultimately, it is still our Boss to decide.

And also in this year, Sam and I got to know a couple from Korea. They have been great friends and also generous to us. This Christmas, they bought us Dior perfume for each of us and dinner at Marche, telling us that this is a gratitude for bringing fortune to them. All credits go to Sam as he does what he promised to them and his commitment in seeing them successful.

As for works and ministries in church, I personally feel that I am more mature and able to handle stress even better. My leaders have grown up so much and are successful in the marketplace. They are those who shine out in their respective workplace. Even though, serving has not been any easier than before as they have huge responsibilities at work, but yet they are not giving up in serving God. The Subzone has grown for 40% to 140 for the past year. In the coming year, we are aiming to go for 210 people. I believe that we can do it together!! Here, I have to say thank you to my entire subzone for buying me a facial set which costs RM800 as Christmas gift. Really appreciate this… you will see a more beautiful me in this New Year.  Also, I am also picking up by doing more admin works. Not only that, this year Emerge Jr Superhero was a blast. They kids enjoyed it to the fullest. I invited my brother to join since there was a low participation in the competition. At the end, he won 1st placing in talentime performing “Diabolo” and 3rd placing in manhunt. He enjoyed to the max and asked me to bring him to Children’s Church after that event. Apart from that, the kids in Children’s Church are really amazing. They practiced so hard and had their first drama to be called their own during Emerge Jr. As a result of their great job, they were being chosen to act again for 5 min slot during Thanksgiving Services ’09. This is the summary of my year.

Now I am back to hometown, I am enjoying this time with my family, feel like time passes fast here as there are lots to catch up. We went to hot spring in Sungkai. We rented a private Jacuzzi for an hour… and the most unforgettable is that we boiled the eggs at one of the spots in the hot spring which is 100 degrees. Not only that, last night was the first time for my family; with full attendance… had dinner and went for shopping together. I do hope for more family trips in the future.

And tonight, we will have a party celebrating my sis#4’s PMR result; 8As… one of the 17 in her school and also starting 2010 together. She has made us proud. Before she sat for PMR examination, I promised to buy her an overseas trip if she can make it for straight As and she made it. We are thinking of going to Hong Kong now. Go all out for SPM… more to come.

It is a great 2009!! It has expanded my vision and mind to believe for something greater for 2010. Let’s start with a big bang.

Have a great 2010!! Cheers…

See you around.

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Tribute to Oral Roberts, a great man of God

My first time coming across Oral Roberts was in 2004, and he was 86 by then. My heart melted and moved by his passion and love towards Jesus. In spite of his age, he walked up the stage with helps and sat on a chair. I still remember vividly that I listened to him on the internet during my year in City Harvest School of Theology. I was so excited and ready to take down notes, grabbing the pen but I found no paper… the only ‘paper’ with me was my Bible. Without second thought, I took down the notes on the last 2 pages of my Bible. There was not much words, but … “Today, I am going to tell you who is Jesus in the Bible.”

“Who is Jesus? In the book of….”

Genesis – Seed of the woman
Exodus – Passover Lamb
Leviticus – High Priest
Numbers – Pillar of the cloud by the day, pillar of fire by night
Deuteronomy – (missed out)
Joshua – Captain of our Salvation
Judges – Judge and Rock
1 & 2 Samuel – Trusted Prophet
1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles – Reigning King
Ezra – Faithful (missing)
Nehemiah – Rebuilder of the broken down wall of humanity
Esther – Modecai
Job – Day spring among high
Psalm – Our Shepherd
Proverbs & Ecclesiastes – Wisdom
Song of Solomon – Lover & Bridegroom
Isaiah – The Prince of Peace
Jeremiah – Righteous (missing)
Lamentation – The Weeping Prophet
Ezekiel – The Wonderful 4 Face Man
Daniel – The 4th Man in the burning fiery furnace
Hosea – The Faithful Husband married to the backslider, forever
Joel – The One who pours out the spirit of God upon all flesh
Amos – Burden Bearer
Obadiah – Majesty (missing)
Jonah – Beautiful feet, the Messenger
Micah – Adventure God’s Elect
Nahum – God’s Evangelist
Habakkuk – (missed out)
Zephaniah – The Savior
Haggai – The Owner of all the silver and gold in the world
Zechariah – Open the door for sinner and unrighteous to the house of David
Malachi – Son of Righteousness rising with healing in His ways

Matthew – The Messiah
Mark – The One Worker
Luke – The Son of Man
John – The Son of God
Acts – Baptizer of the Holy Spirit
Romans – The One who works out everything for good to those who love God
1 & 2 Corinthians – The Gifts of the Spirit working in our lives today
Galatians – Multiplier of our seed sown
Ephesians – Christ of unsearchable issues
Philippians – The God who supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory
Colossians – The (missing)
1 & 2 Thessalonians – The Coming King
1 & 2 Timothy – The Mediator between God and men
Titus – Faithful Husband
Philemon – Friend that sticks closer than our brother
Hebrews – The Blood of our everlasting covenant
James – The Wisdom
1 & 2 Peter – Chief Shepherd
1 & 2 & 3 John – Everlasting Love
Jude – The Lord coming with 10,000 of His Saints
The Revelation – The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


All men stood up and applauded and he walked down from the stage.

There was just something different; such a conviction…. Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior !!

(p/s: Sorry for the missing… if you heard this sermon before, do share with me to make list complete. 🙂

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Starting of 2010

Yesterday was a fruitful day with many tasks done!! I am more excited and anticipated for 2010 than 2008 stepping into 2009. Can be sure, it is not about the fireworks and walking and squeezing with others along the Bintang Walk and then hide away into a cinema to catch a late night movie. This was what I did before to get my year started. As for this year, I am having more plans and ideas to know what to do for the coming year, rather than just work, work and work like a headless chicken. There are so many new things that I want to attempt… there will be challenges, but I told and prepared myself not to back off no matter how. Dr AR Bernard says, “If you never experience the pain of a wrong decision, you will never celebrate wisdom!” With this, life is going to be much colorful and more meaningful with more great stories to tell.

Firstly, the target for the coming year is to grow from 140 to 210; this is talking about 50% growth. It is not going to be an easy task, but I believe my leaders and I are more prepared to work hard to make this possible. Do pray for us that we will have greater wisdom and creativity to work out more activities for the subzone. Therefore, stay tune with us to find out the upcoming events…

I always remember what Pastor Kevin told me, the measure of your capacity is depending on the extend how you are willing to do it. Your willingness and obedience will bring you far; you will eat the fruits of the Promised Land. Lately, I am learning so many new things in life; such as booking air tickets which I don’t really like it because I seldom travel by plane and didn’t really know how to do it. Maybe this is a sign that I am going to travel more often to many different countries, **wink wink** you may say that “I am naïve”. Anyhow… who knows…

Personal life… I want to see more, try more, learn more, talk more, watch more, do more, earn more, write more, read more, meet up with people more, love more, exercise more, dress up more, online more, preach more, teach more … etc. Basically, it’s to live out this life more. Telling you this is to make myself accountable to what I say. Let’s see what will happen by the end of 2010.

Just bought 2 books; ‘Outliers’ and ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell, will share more after reading them.

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First blog !!

Hi, friends. This is my very first blog !! Have been thinking about blogging all these while but never had the strength to do it. Finally found the theme which I like after spending a whole afternoon getting familiar with the functions available. It is interesting… !! Do feel free to comment. There are many other NEW things I would want to do in 2010… Keep in touch ya.

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